It’s in our nature

At Trumari, environmental responsibility is an integral component of who we are and how we conduct business. It’s in our nature. This means, we are committed to the prevention of pollution, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and conformance with environmental requirements.

That’s why we are so excited about Lama displays. They’re composed of high-quality paper and natural latex rubber so they’re completely recyclable. We use vegetable -based and hybrid inks with extremely low VOCs. Because they’re foldable, light and compact, Lamas’ transportation weight-to-volume ratio allows us to reduce the number of trucks, thus minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Lama displays are small and light, so they ship at little cost.

Even six-foot Lama displays can be folded down to fit in 2-inch tall shipping boxes that can be sent via overnight delivery and can be moved, stored and reused more easily than traditional displays.
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