Special effects

Yes! With a Lama display you get full-color, vivid graphics. Now push the design even further with the following printing and finishing options.

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All of the techniques described here are eco-friendly and non-toxic, and produced with the environment in mind.

Reticulating varnish

Add dimension that your customers can both see and want to reach out and touch. Through our reticulated coating process, Trumari can make graphics seemingly jump off the the display. Use a gloss varnish to deepen colors on a photo or a dull varnish to soften the look of a design element. Together, the gloss/dull contrasting elements can create a dramatic effect.

Strike-through printing

Strike-through printing is a greener, more cost-effective cousin to the Spot UV effect. We accomplish this with water-based coatings and a strike-through varnish, printed inline on our litho presses for heightened detail and resolution.


To raise a lasting impression on your display, emboss shapes, images or text. Embossing can be used on it’s own or in combination with four-color printing or foil stamping. The addition of colored metallic foil stamping is a great way to draw out or highlight important details, such as a name, design, or logo.

Metallic Ink

Metalic inks are a brilliant way to add pizzazz to your design or highlight a logo or headline. While silver and gold are most common, we offer a range of bright blues, hot reds and burnished coppers for a unique look. And you can completely break away from the pack with Unifraxion, the industry’s premier refractive engraved dies. With this process, the design reflects light, using interesting patterns, which gives life to your design with the illusion of movement.

Die Cut

Use die cutting to create a limitless range of contours – from unconventional corners to perfect circles to the outline of an image or logo. A die cut provides a tactile and visual edge to distinguish your piece. And when you pair it with a unique foil stamp, your logo, product image or design element will really make an impression.