The Lama Chronicles – August 2013

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Monsters spotted in
grocery stores nationwide

Disney and Kellogg’s teamed up on a joint promotion, starring the characters from the new movie, Monsters University. A custom Lama retail display surrounds case stackings of Kellogg’s cereals. By collecting codes from cereal boxes of the featured products, customers can earn tickets to the movie.

The graphic header of the Monsters University entrance gate grabs attention and is readable from a distance, drawing customers towards the display. The attached graphic panels feature movie characters and the cereals that children love. This entire 67” X 40” x 76” foldable display shipped flat in a 48” X 40” x 3” box.

The result — monstrous visual impact in mere minutes because set-up is so easy, it’s scary.

Call us to talk about how we can tame your monster project.


Nikon gets shoppers
in their sights

A Lama portable retail display is the best way to express your brand’s message and engage shoppers right in any aisle. Just take a close look at this Lama Trumari created for Nikon Rifle Scopes. Using the Lama’s unique hollow structure, a clear window insert on the front simulates the scope view while the target appears in the back panel. The result? An engaging product demonstration that only requires a few seconds of setup time.

This Lama was awarded 3rd Place in Marin International’s Design of the Year competition! Unique products deserve unique Lamas, so come talk to us about your product and we’ll design a Lama that grabs the attention of your target audience every time.

Lama of the month:
Darling Clementine

Each month, we feature a Lama that’s a true standout. And this one’s, well, a juicy example. LGS Specialty Sales used this sturdy, eye-catching Lama to promote its annual crop of Darling Clementines.

This one-piece Lama is sturdy enough to feature a bin that holds hundreds of delicious Clementines. And the real sweet benefit is that it takes longer to fill the Lama with fruits than it takes to set up the display. Because Clementines are seasonal and have a limited in-store appearance every year, Trumari Lama displays help LGS make an irresistible eye-catching and mouthwatering appeal to shoppers. Talk to us about how Lama foldable displays are perfect for any season, any product, or any set-up.

Summer is the perfect season
for a Lama from Trumari

Summertime means barbecues, relaxing on the beach or a lake, and most importantly, shopping to get all the food and gear to enjoy it all! A Lama adds visual appeal right in the aisle for more sales. Trumari will design your Lama to fit any brand promotion, special event, holiday, or sports season. Add unique die cuts, eye-popping graphics, shelving for products and accessories, or just let your (and our) imagination run wild. And now’s the perfect time to start planning for next year’s calendar. Together, we’ll make 2014 the Year of the Lama!

“We love the Lama. It is a great display and very easy to set up. Currently, we have it at our Airport location, so we can move it around on a regular basis to keep the marketing message fresh. It definitely doesn’t blend in with the rest of the scenery, which is helping get customers in. In fact, we like it so much, we purchased them for several locations.”

Julie Riendl
Marketing Manager, Sugar Mountain/Beecher’s
Handmade Cheese

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