Change your Lama When the Mood Hits

A Lama is more than just a display. It’s really a vehicle for self-expression, kind of like the famed “pieces of flair” in the movie “Office Space.” Well, maybe the two aren’t that similar, but you can express anything you like by customizing Lamas long after they’re printed.

How? Just use a dry erase marker on your Lama —not only does the coating we apply to all Lamas protect them, but it also doubles as a white board. This allows you to change out the messaging or add illustrations any time you want. You can announce a sale, promote some news, or give trade show attendees something different to look at every time they walk by.

We can also incorporate an actual sheet of whiteboard or chalkboard into your Lama as either a permanent fixture or removable lug-on. Talk with us today about all the ways we’ll customize your Lama to fit your needs. Change is good — and for your brand, using Lamas is definitely a change for the better.