Meet our team

Our team is what sets us apart. When you order a Lama from Trumari, you collaborate with some of the industry’s most experienced and creative minds. We will work with you to create an innovative display solution designed to achieve your business goals. At every step of the production process, the Trumari team is committed to excellent logistical help and customer support. Find out more about the people behind Lama display solutions. We are here to help!


I am fortunate to be the leader of this motley crew. It’s actually a great team, and we are all extremely proud to be one of the few licensees in North America able to manufacture and sell the patented Lama display. I have been in the industry for over 25 years and I’ve never been as excited about a product as I have with this one!

BRUCE HUTCHEON • Vice President

I am responsible for helping direct and oversee the entire Trumari team, particularly sales of Lamas. I have been in packaging, POP and retail sales for over 35 years, and have worked with Mattel and other major brands.

I am very interested in what motivates people to buy products. I also like to walk, play golf and I love nice cars!! This product is exciting. It is easy to deploy and set up in very little time. Everywhere I look I can envision a Lama solution. My favorite style is the Panama Backdrop.


Before falling hard for the Lama, I was a former assistant professional high school golf coach in the Seattle area and have sold POP across the United States for over 13 years. Obviously, I love golf, but I also like to spend time with my family, am into fashion and like to fish.

I like the Lama because it tastes like chicken. Just kidding! No, I love the Lama because it’s the first display I’ve been able to sell into almost any company – it’s that useful! It’s a beautiful way to promote your brand and is so easy to set up correctly. I’m a big fan of the TX style (that’s the big one) as it’s the easiest way to incorporate shelves into a floor display while still maintaining a small footprint.

My life philosophy… It Can Be Done.