About Trumari

Trumari delivers production services and knowlegable, reliable project management. Quality is the foundation of our business. We pride ourselves on keeping commitments and building trust.

Our sales team, along with our in-house graphic and structural designers, work with you to create the right display to showcase your brand. Our goal is to save you time and money while delivering a quality display that gets noticed and drives sales.

What our customers say:

We needed an eye-catching way to promote our new line of In-Home Equipment for the recent Costco road show. The Lama displays more than delivered! They all fit into two small shipping boxes, were easy to set up, and created a huge brand presence. Lamas by Trumari will be part of our marketing efforts in the future. Paul Byrne, Precor

The Lama display was a perfect solution for our in-store promotion. The presentation was outstanding; it was easy to use and set up, and Trumari came thorugh for us in a timely manner.  Jeff Wood,  Director of Marketing Adams Golf

We love the Lama! It is a great display and is very easy to set up. Currently, we have it at our Airport location, so we can move it around on regular basis to keep the marketing message fresh. It definitely doesn’t blend in with the rest of the scenery, which is helping get customers in. In fact, we like it so much, we purchased them for several locations.  Julie Riendl, Marketing Manager Sugar Mountain / Beechers Handmade Cheese

The intuitive and compact design of the Lama display by Trumari is phenomenal! Within minutes, our trade show booth is set up. Not only does it save us time, it saves on set up costs. And I don’t have to pay for shipping, I just carry it on and off the plane. I love it! Michelle Frederickson-Coles, Sales Manager for Easy Fold Fixtures

We needed a special custom display that would meet the requirements of everyone from our customers to our CEO. Trumari helped us achieve our goal every step of the way and we were very happy with the results.  Erin Dahlquist, Director of Marketing Tifosi Optics

We came to Trumari because we were tired of hauling a bulky and cumbersome booth around to tradeshows. We are so happy we did! Now, we don’t have to worry about if our booth even made it to the show or be forced to pay outside contractors to erect it. We just bring the Lamas on the plane as carry on and we can relax once we get there because the entire booth sets up in minutes. In addition to saving time and shipping costs, they look great too! Tom Phillips,  North American Sales Manager Corrugated Board BOBST